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Kassie Keegan’s

Savage HomeWorld!

savage galaxy rescue

A woman is in love…

… with a man harboring a complicated past.

Both running for their lives from a powerful enemy.

Kat has loved darkly handsome, intriguing Michael since she first met the wary protector while tutoring royal children. Although he desperately desires her, he holds himself back because he believes he’s unworthy of her attention.

Can he open his battered heart?

Kat utterly enchants Michael with her golden beauty, luscious curves, and compassionate nature, but he is a killer-turned-bodyguard whose past would scandalize her gentle soul.

What happens when time runs out?

When a vicious enemy stalks the royal children, Kat and Michael agree to take them to safety, even though they must all be genetically enhanced by the alien Lio race to survive. With moments to spare, they barely escape a deadly explosion.

During the rescue, Ambassador Prime Mezere and his companions Dominik and Commander Courau are immediately drawn to Kat and Michael, sensing they have finally found their destined mates. As Kat and Michael adjust to their new beast-natures, the males must entice Michael to join them, and seduce Kat to Claim them all.

Will they succumb to their new Beast-Natures and accept the Call to Mate?

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