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I have based much of my Savage Lio Culture on our natural world here on Earth!

Did you know it is common for male lions to form Coalitions of two to seven males?

Other males constantly challenged a male lion in a Pride. A Coalition of male lions in their prime is an advantage in establishing and maintaining a large Pride territory. The more lions, the stronger they become as a Pride.

Here is an online article about it:

Did you know Lionesses do not menstruate?
They synchronize when they are fertile as a Pride so they can help raise each other’s cubs. This also means a Coalition of male Lions is ideal when all the Lionesses are in heat at the same time because they mate A LOT.
When I created my Lio Universe, I decided not menstruating was a boon for my genetically altered women. They have complete control over their own bodies for breeding.
Here is an online article about it:

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