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Her sweetness of character drew him deeper than her scent ever would. She was a woman who needed the depths of love he had to give, and in return, she brought life and color into his regimented existence.
“I love her.” 
He stated the obvious in stark truth.

Commander ferrand

Aubrey breathed deeply, steadily, held in his grip. Her fear-scent did not bloom, but her arousal most definitely did. His breath chuffed across her sweat slicked skin. He watched with fascination as her flesh pebbled in reaction. He blew on her deliberately to see what would happen. When she shuddered deeply, he filed it away in his mind to explore later, at length.


Her damage matched his damage. Her rage echoed his, and they bonded as they healed. She fascinated him with her unexpected perspectives, her quick wit and keen mind.
He loved her deeply. He knew she loved him too, despite her fears. She had bonded to his Coalition from the moment they met and had never looked at another.

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